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Learning Intentions:


On- and off-field activities contribute to tournament success and celebrations. Personal responsibility includes doing your best to be game fit. 


Learning intentions for this experience are

  • Participate in football games and skill development programme.

  • Identify your own training and self-care needs.

Kōrero | Discussion:


  • What physical activities keep you fit? 

  • What physical activities do you enjoy the most?

  • What are your fitness and skill goals?

  • Why is diet an important part of physical fitness?

Ngā ngohe | Activities:


Play the game

Participate in: 

Bringing it together



Match day 
  • Review the checklist you made for learning experience 3C: Before, During and After.

  • Identify actions that need to be completed on the day.

  • Refer to your risk matrix from learning experience 3C: Risk, probability and impact.

  • Manage and monitor risks.

  • Create a display which celebrates mana whenua and cultures and countries participating.

  • After the tournament it’s time to celebrate. 


Media crew

Develop a documentary recording or animation:

  • Answer the following questions and follow up:

    • What is the event?

    • Who is the audience?

    • Do you need permission to record? 

    • What roles are required to make the documentary? Who will do what? What equipment do they need?

    • What is the story you want to tell?

    • Do you need a narrator, or presenter, and a script?

    • What is the purpose of the documentary? For example, inform or entertain.

  • Create and share. 

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