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Learning Intentions:


Teams and team members who qualify for the world cup have their own unique experience of wins, losses and team selection. International football requires preparation, planning, and match fitness.

Learning intentions for this experience are:

  • Explore different experiences and pathways to the FIFA WWC's.

  • Understand how teams and players prepare for World Cups.

Kōrero | Discussion:


  • How does a player prepare for the world cup?

  • How does the team prepare for the world cup?

  • What are some similarities and differences between these global players and players from Māori Football Aotearoa and the Ford Football Ferns?

Ngā ngohe | Activities:


Football Hall of Fame

  • Select ten players from teams who competed in the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 ™.

  • Identify the following information:

    • Name. 

    • Date of birth.

    • Nationality. 

    • Successes and challenges. 

    • The sources of this information.

  • Select one player.

  • Write, draw, record, or present a story about their journey to the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 ™.  


Mana enhancing

  • Research the history of the Women’s World Cup 

  • Consider the following questions:

    • When and why did the Women’s World Cup begin?

    • What events sparked the need for a women’s tournament?

    • How does the Women’s World Cup contribute to the mana of football and futsal?

    • Create a mind map, poster, slide deck or recording to share your ideas. 


Plan and play

  • Discover how a team and team members become match ready.

  • Consider physical fitness, diet, and their training schedule.

  • Create a training schedule for a football player. Include SMART goals and actions (see below).

  • Create a training schedule for a physical event for yourself ( for example: football, a two-day bush walk, ocean swimming).

  • Follow your plan and diet and record your progress.

  • Illustrate your schedule or progress results.

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