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Learning Intentions:


Every position in a game of football or futsal has a role to play in defending or scoring goals. Players are responsible for playing by the rules. This is similar to how laws define how we should act toward each other, the land, and resources (natural and made). 

Learning intentions for this experience are:

  • Understand roles and responsibilities of treaty partners.

  • Know the value of different roles and responsibilities.

  • Explore metaphor in whakataukī.

Kōrero | Discussion:


  • What are the roles and responsibilities of living in bicultural Aotearoa?

  • How can you be a good treaty partner?

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of team players? 

  • How can you be a good team player?

  • Why do we need rules and laws? 

  • How do rules and laws reflect values and behaviours?

  • What does playing fair mean?

  • What is bullying in sport? How can bullying be stopped?

  • What is the equivalent of bullying in culture? How can it be stopped?

Ngā ngohe | Activities:


What if …
Create an image, storyboard or roleplay about a game of football or futsal with either no rules or no referee. For example: what if there were no boundaries? 
Create another image, storyboard, or roleplay about a community. For example: how you respect diversity in your community? 
Find an image of either a community action (like cleaning up after a natural disaster) or a football or futsal game that has a problem a referee needs to solve. Use the image to write a news story or script for a newsreader.

  • What happened? Who was involved? What was the weather like? Were there people watching? What went to plan? What didn’t go to plan? What was the mood of the day? 

  • Include a quote from at least two people. What was their role?

  • Create a roleplay and write a caption.

  • Write a title for your story. 


Protect and defend
Watch so
me of these clips:  


Explore these pūrākau:  

Consider the following:

  • Who is being defended?

  • What skills and strategies are being using? For example, circling.

  • What skills and strategies are required to play football or futsal? For example, passing the ball to teammates to avoid the opposing team.

  • What skills and strategies are required of treaty partners? For example, consultation.


Watch The Aotearoa History show - Episode 4 | Te Tiriti o Waitangi or Understanding Te Tiriti o Waitangi | Let Me Explain.

Discover te reo Māori kupu for the following English words and use them in a sentence:

  • Teams.

  • Partners.

  • Goals.

  • Rules.

  • Laws.

  • Protecting.

  • Defending. 


Investigate the two versions of Te Tiriti o Waitangi: English and te reo Māori. Discuss the meanings of kupu reo Māori and English words.

Imagine if two football or futsal teams were playing by different rules. Write, draw or animate a story to show how misunderstandings could happen. 

Kuputaka | Glossary:


Identify kupu | words that are new to you. Explore their meaning and use them in a sentence.

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